Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 2 in the Field!

Another crazy week in the field! It´s crazy how fast time flies here!

   Honestly this week was rough. I´m having a hard time understanding these people and it´s really hard for my to communicate with them. In lessons it´s basically Hermana Lucano and the person having a conversation and me sitting there frustrated and upset because I can barely understand them and don´t know what to say or how to say it. Also I´ve been sick for the last 3 days so that hasn´t helped. It´s hard being sick away from home.
Also we´re struggling a lot in our area. We have no one progressing and no one who really wants to hear our message, which is rough. And our appointments almost always fall through. 
   It´s rough right now but I know that it will get better. And missionary work isn´t supposed to be easy. 
Okay no more negativity I promise. 
   These week we had FHE with 10 Second Tom (if you get my reference we´re friends) and I honestly had to fight laughter the whole time. It was with this suuuper sweet 81 year old lady with Alzheimers. We were there with the other missionaries from our ward (Hermana Quispe and Hermana Lopez) who are my bffs. It was hilarious. I swear every like 20 seconds she would ask the same question or say the same thing. And we would all just look at eachother and try so hard not to laugh. 
   Also we went to a members house one night and for like an hour her two little girls were trying to teach me Spanish. They could clearly tell that I can´t speak Castillano to save my life. Sofia is 4 and Andrea is 7. Sofia would say "Hermanita, say (insert random sentence like "the cup fell off the table") and then they would make me repeat it until I got it right. They were very impatient. And then once I finally said it right Sofia would say "Perfect. Good Job" and then we´d move on to a different sentence. Hahaha. 
Also I got a package of GOLD this week from my awesome family. You have no idea how much missionaries love packages and letters. Especially when they´re having a rough time. 
   One thing that I am so grateful for is the love that I have developed for scripture study. It´s my favorite part of the day and I feel like I could go on for hours and hours. I´m reading Jesus the Christ right now which I absolutely love. My sweet sister sent me some conference talks too which I am so grateful for. If you want Hermana Marshall to love you send her your favorite conference talk in the mail. It´s hard for me to get ahold of English Conference talks here.
   This week we visited a member from the ward and while we were there she pulled out her Book of Mormon and it was DUSTY. It seriously broke my heart. Please please please don´t let your Book of Mormon get dusty. Read it, study it, and pray and ponder about it every single day. 

Anyway I love you guys and as always am grateful for your love and support! 

Hermana M

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