Monday, January 12, 2015

Someone in Peru loves you

Another great week in Peru! 
  This week I really realized how far I`ve come in my Spanish. I understand pretty much everything! And I can speak without thinking most of the time. I`m really just lacking vocab and my wording isn`t very sophisticated. Haha. This week a friend from the CCM and one of my teachers emailed me and I read and replied to their emails without even thinking about it. And yesterday I bore my testimony in Sacrament meeting. And I was just hanging out and talking to my zone leaders a couple weeks ago and they were telling me that they`ve really seen the gift of tongues in me. When I got here I couldn`t understand anyone and I could barely say the most simple sentence, but now I can converse without having to even think about it. I know that the Lord is helping me to learn this language, I wouldn`t be learning it as fast as I am without His help.
  For all of you who know how picky I am, you`ll be happy to know that this week I was fed a cow tongue sandwich. And tuna spaghetti (tuna is my least favorite food on the planet). Oh also I`ve gotten over the whole cheese thing. For the holidays we went out to eat twice at Papa Johns and I was so happy to eat pizza that I didn`t even think about taking the cheese off. And guess what? I liked it. The pizza, not the cow tongue or the tuna. Haha. My cow tongue was casually thrown behind me into the trees and half of my tuna spaghetti went right into my bag when the lady went to get something from the kitchen. Haha I`m the worst I know.
  I went on divisions this week with the sister leaders, which means that one companion stays in the area and one of the sisters leaders come to replace her comp, and the other comp goes to the sister leaders` area. I stayed in my area, which was a little weird because they almost never leave the trainees to direct their area, and I was super nervous to be responsible for my area and to have to know all the directions (everyone knows that I`m severely directionally impaired), and Hermana Waldron came to be my comp. IT WAS THE BEST. I learned so so much from her. My companion is great but never really gives me an opportunity to talk and because I have her and I know that she`ll do all the talking, a lot of the time I just let her do the majority of the lesson. But Hermana Waldron wasn`t like that at all and I did pretty much everything! Which was terrifying at first but I realized that I`m a lot more capable than I thought. Now I feel a lot more confident and comfortable and am taking a bigger part in the lessons.
Okay well I love you guys! Have a great week and know that someone in Peru loves you!
Hermana Marshall


  Merry late Christmas! I hope you all had a great Christmas and got to spend time with your family remembering the birth and life of our Savior. Christmas really is the best.
  This week was so great! We had a lot of Christmas activities with our zone, other Hermanas in the mission, with President, and with all the other zones here in Arequipa. Which was so fun and great but also meant that we didn't have a lot of time for missionary work. But this week we´ll just work even harder to make up for it!
  It was amazing being able to Skype my family! It gave me motivation to keep working hard and to really put all my strength and energy into this work.
  So my family asked me about all the people that I´m visiting and teaching and I realized that I never write about them! So I´m gonna try to work on that.
  First we have our niƱas. Heidy (11), Ale (8), y Guade (8) were baptized a few months ago and they´re the sweetest. Their parents, Marlene y Richard, just won´t get married which drives us nuts. And they can´t get baptized until they get married. Marlene really wants to get baptized and comes to church every week but her convi just doesn´t want to marry her for whatever reason. We´re working on making that a goal for them. But their daughters are seriously the best. The sweetest girls ever. I think I sent a picture last week with 2 little girls? If so that´s Ale and Guadelupe. These girls have soo much faith and such strong testimonies. I wish you guys could hear them when they pray. Their prayers are so sincere and sweet. They literally pray for everyone. They teach me so much.
  Marlene and Richard are 1 of 3 couples we have that want to get baptized but just won´t get married.
Karin and Dela both have fechas for the 7th of February but need to take care of some personal/work stuff first.
We have some more people but those are the people that we´re really focusing on right now.
  I can´t believe that in this week we´ll end 2014 and begin 2015. Dos mil quince holy frick. This year flew by and it´s scary because I know that 2015 will fly by too! And then I´m home the beginning of 2016! Crazy!
My goal in this year is to give all that I have to the Lord and to the building of His kingdom. I have the wonderful opportunity to spend every single day of 2015 as a missionary working to bring others to Christ. What a blessing. I hope that I can take advantage of every day and give all my time, talents, and energy to this work.
Merry Late Christmas and Happy New Year!
Hermana Marshall

Merry Christmas!

Another absolutely great week!

  The highlight of the week was definitely Maria`s baptism on Saturday. She was so so nervous before so I was freaking out a little bit. After I was waiting on the side of the font with her towel and I asked her how she felt and she just said "so so happy". And that was all I needed to hear. I am so grateful for Maria and for her testimony and her willingness to follow the example of our Savior.

  Wednesday we got to have a Christmas Devo/lunch with President Zobrist and 4 other zones in Arequipa which was so great! President and his wife are so awesome. And it`s always great to meet up with other missionaries and eat delicious food and have fun.

  This week my super cute sister Brooke got her mission call! She has been called to serve in the North Carolina Charlotte Mission! She is so so happy and I`m so happy for her! I`m so proud of the decision that she has made to serve the Lord as a missionary and I know that Charlotte, North Carolina is exactly where the Lord needs her. She will be such a blessing to the people there and I know that it will be such an amazing experience for her.

Merry Christmas everyone! I love you all and I`m so excited to talk to my family in 3 days!

Hermana Marshall

Cuy en mi boca!

I have no time this week to write out a long email but I`ll try to sum up my week really quick.
  Yesterday was the last day of my first transfer! I survived my first transfer in the field and the first half of my training! it`s hard to believe that I already have almost 3 months in the mission!
  This week I ate guinea pig so that was an adventure. Luckily my pensionista loves me and understands that some foods are just too weird for me so she gave me chicken and they only made me taste the guinea pig. haha.
  Maria´s baptism is on saturday and I`m so pumped! She`s so ready and excited and i`m super happy for her.
  2 of our other investigators have baptismal dates but they want to wait until Februrary, so we`re working on that. She has some addictions that she needs to take care of first.
I have no idea but I love you all! Have a good week!