Monday, April 20, 2015

Crazy Corire!

 Another crazy week here in Corire!
  This week I had divisions in Camana because that´s where the sister leaders for our group of sisters are. Camana is about 2 and a half hours from my area so I got to do some traveling solo! It was quite the adventure. In order to get to Camana I had to take a minivan to Pedregal, buy a ticket to Camana and wait for the next bus. So I waited about an hour in Pedregal, then headed to Camana. I was expecting Hermana Uriona to be there when I arrived but she wasn´t there. So I went a found a phone and called her and she had me take a moto taxi to where she was. And then I spent a wonderful day with her and heading back the next morning! Divisions are great but I was happy to be back with Hermana Sullivan.
  And then this weekend was CONFERENCE! I had been looking forward to conference for months and loved every minute of it. The American missionaries usually get to watch it in English buuut we don´t have a whole lot of technology here in Corire so we watched in it Spanish with some members in the chapel. I mean I understood everything so it was fine but it´s different having to listen to a translator and not their own voices. I LOVED conference. Last night we were teaching one of our investigadors and he asked us how we know if the prophets and apostles are called of God, and we explained to him that we had just had the General Conference, and that as we heard these men speak to us we couldn´t deny the Spirit that we felt and we knew that their words came from our Father in Heaven.
  It was so great and I was taking notes like a mad woman the whole time. It´s funny because if you look at my notes it´s like 4 lines in Spanish, 1 line in English, and then 2 more in Spanish, and then 3 more lines in English. I was listening in Spanish, and I guess my brain was about half & half between the 2 languages. Or maybe I wrote direct quotes and scriptures in Spanish and just impressions from the Spirit in English. Who knows. Either way conference was great and the Church is true. I was going to share stuff from my favorite talks buuuut I forgot my notebook in my cuarto, so maybe next week!
  I hope you all were able to watch all the sessions of General Conference, including the General Women´s Session and the Priesthood Session. If not I encourage you to go back and watch/listen to them. And when they're available, read and study them. Every single message of that conference was for us. There is something that we can and should learn from each message that was given. I also hope that you were all able to sustain the Prophet, First Presidency, and Quorom of the 12 Apostles, along with the other leaders of the Church, and I encourage you all to think of the ways that you can sustain them in your daily lives, remember that it´s more than just raising your hand for the vote.

I love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Marshall

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