Sunday, March 8, 2015

Another week!

   A crazy short week here in Casa Blanca! And possibly my last! We have tranfers on Monday so we'll see what happens!
   Yesterday at church we were starting sacrament meeting and Berni (served his mission in California and has perfect English and is way cool) starts the opening prayer and an earthquake starts. We´re all just sitting there and he just keeps praying but the whole chapel was shaking. And then as soon as he said "Amen" it stopped. That sounds dramatic but I promise it happened. 
   Oh also we lost our cellphone yesterday so that´s a problem. The mission is probably going to kill us but it´s fine. We´re still praying that it will turn up but it´s not looking like it´s going to happen. With looots of faith. 
   So this week we fasted twice, once because it was fast Sunday and the other because we had some specific things that we really felt we needed to fast for. One thing that I fasted for, and that I´ve fasted for before, is that my companion could get her patriarchal blessing. She´s a convert of 2 years and got her patriarchal blessing just a few days before she left for the mission, and she´s never gotten the paper copy of it. She´s called her stake president, and the mission president, and requested multiple replacement copies, but nothing. In these 10 months she hasn´t had it. And just right now just got an email with an electronic copy of her blessing. Right now she´s sitting right next to me just so happy reading her blessing. I love that girl. God is great. 

   Okay sorry that I don´t have any cool stories for this week, honestly it went by so fast that I can´t even remember the majority of it. It´s just a blur.  I´ll take notes this week though so I can have cool stories to tell you guys. I love you guys so much! Thanks for all the love and support! 

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