Sunday, March 29, 2015


   Sorry that I´m a little late but we went adventuring today and didn´t have time to email earlier. But I am absolutely IN LOVE with my new area. I was so sad to leave Casa Blanca but I immediately fell in love with this place. And my companion, Hermana Sullivan, is AMAZING. I love her to death and we work really well together.
   My area is a little complicated. So we´re about 3 hours from Arequipa, in a gigantic valley. We have a tiny little branch with outrageous boundaries. So the branch boundaries are cut in half into 2 mission areas, Aplao and Corire, There are 2 elders in Aplao and 2 elders in Corire, me and my companion have the two areas. I´m not sure if that makes sense, but we have the area of Aplao and Corire, and work with the elders there. Which is a little weird but we, along with the elders, have a ton of branch responsibilities as well so it´s necessary. So my area is CRAZY huge. You can travel for 4 hours in a bus and still be in my area. Also the six of us missionaries in the branch are all gringos so we´re pretty pumped about that, we have fun together. And we pension (eat all our meals with) the elders of Corire and live across the street from them, which is weird but super awesome. 
   In the Branch we work with the Primary, Young Women, and Relief Society, which is crazy but I love it so much. This week we planned a YW´s activity, spent 3 hours making the invitations and YW handouts for Personal Progress, made the list for Visiting Teachers because they didn´t even have one, And every week we teach primary. I´m the sharing time teacher and I love it. Also I conduct the music in Sacrament Meeting.

   It´s weird here in Corire, the mission is 100% different. But I love it so so much. We have lots to do and we´re pumped to work hard and help build this branch. 

   Love you all! Thanks for all the love and support!

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