Saturday, February 28, 2015

Parasite life!

Holy cow how is it already Monday again. 

  This week was super fast and super great! We had 2 baptisms planned for Saturday but they fell throught because Karin and Dela haven`t been attending Church. Which is a bummer but we`re going to keep working with them and I know they`ll progress!

  On Tuesday I was drinking out of my water bottle and after taking a sip I looked down and saw 3 parasites happily swimming around in my water. And when I looked in the big water jug that we have in our room I found more. So that was digusting and I literally was gagging with my head in a plastic bag for like 30 minutes because we had been drinking out of that water jug for almost 2 weeks. But I`m still alive so I guess drinking parasiting and their pee and poop isn`t really that bad for you.

  This week was a little bit tragic. Haha on Thursday night we were at the chapel and in walks an Elder with his parents and siblings. He had just flown in from Mexico. He was super cool but looked super sad. We went and had our lesson in one of the classrooms and came out and he was standing there with his family and the Stake President, without his missionary plaque. I was talking to him and said something like "You arrived with your plaque and you`re leaving without it." And he was just so sad and I was so sad for him. And I realized right then that I don`t want to go home. I don`t want to be released and have to take off my plaque. I never want to stop being Hermana Marshall. 
   That same night Hyrum, one of my pensionsista`s 5 sons, got home from his mission in El Salvador. He was so devastated to leave those people. He shared his testimony with us and his family the next day and he said something like "I`m happy to be here with you guys, but I´m sad to have left my family and my home in El Salvador". And then he cried and I was crying because I realized how true that was. These people, especially Mama Irma (pensionista) and her kids, are my family. And I absolutely love our ward and each person that we have been teaching in these 4 months. And I know that leaving this country and these people in 14 months will be be the hardest thing I`ll ever do. 

  Anyway I`m sorry that this email is so long and I`ll cut it off now so you guys don`t hate me. Just know that I`m happy and loving the work! The Church is true. :)

Hermanita Marshall

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