Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Another great week!

   Another great week at the CCM!! It's crazy how time flies here. I've already been a missionary for 2 weeks and I love it so much! Every day feels so long but the weeks go by so fast. I cant even tell you how awesome the MTC is. Sometimes it's exhausting and overwhelming and stressful, but it's also so amazing and so fun. I love all the missionaries here. Especially my district. I laugh so so much with them. But don't worry I learn too. Haha. Our elders are so awesome and such great examples. I´m learning so much every day.
   We just got new roommates. I was so sad when our old roommates left, they were my best friends here. Every night I would just talk and laugh with them until we fell asleep. But last night we got new Hermanas! A trio of Latinas! THey´re so sweet. Of course there's a bit of a language barrier but I know that we'll learn so much with them.
   We have 2 investigators that we teach here. Ary and Rodrigo. We teach everyday, sometimes twice a day. My companions get frustrated with me sometimes because I tend to take over and do all the teaching, which is a problem, especially with a trio. Haha i just get so excited and have so much that I want to say and teach. We're slowly getting better and more comfortable with teaching. I absolutely love teaching.
   So just to give you an idea of what you do here I'll tell you what an average day is like:
Wake up at 6. Breakfast at 645. classes until lunch. classes for an hour after lunch, then physical activity for an hour. then more classes until dinner. and then more classes until bed. Hahaha the days are long but they're good. I'm learning so much!
   PDAYS are so awesome! we wake up early and do a session at the temple, then we have 2 hours to shop. Today we went to distribution center and bought scriptures. and then to the temple store (a sketchy looking place where they sell the cool scriptures cases and llama ties and other random missionary-church stuff like that. The whole bus situation is hilarious-I wish I had time to tell you about it. And then we come back to the CCM after almost dying on the bus, eat lunch, do laundry, and then email. And then classes start again at like 345. oh we also go to either Metros (ghetto peruvian walmart) or tottus (not as ghetto pervuian target) haha. and that's where we buy random things that we need and candy and stuff. im addicted to casinos and sublimes. and I always buy a coke zero of course.
   I dont think i will ever again crave meat or rice. hahaha literally every meal. but its okay its pretty good usually. and they always have fruit. granadías are my absolute favorite. look them up. they´re super weird but delicious. it looks like an orange on the outside but then you crack it open and its filled with little fish eyeball looking things. Haha sounds so gross but I love them. and then delicious fresh juice and always dessert. And of course the bread. Hahaha. And no dad no rodents yet ;)
   OH and of course im a missionary so i have to talk about how amazing conference was. i have never gotten so much out of conference. I loved every second and was writing pages and pages of notes the whole time. It was absolutely amazing. Conference is like Christmas at the ccm.
   Anyway I'm loving it here!
   I love all of you and I'm so so grateful for your emails! It makes my day logging on and seeing so many emails from all of the people that I love.
Hermana Marshall.

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