Friday, October 3, 2014


    There´s so much to say and it´s been such a crazy week but I don´t have a lot of time. There´s so much I want to tell you guys so hopefully I can type fast.
    I can´t believe it´s already been a week! Actually i can believe it beacuse it feels like I've been here for months. Haha but I love love love the CCM (Missionary Training Center).
I am so so happy! Not once this week have I felt sad or homesick or stressed, which is just a huge confirmation to me that this is exactly where I´m supposed to be. I have 2 companions, Hermana Brogan and Hermana Escobar. They are so sweet and they teach me a lot. I´m kind of the loud, outgoing one in our trio so I do most of the talking and most of the teaching and stuff but I don´t mind! The Spirit has really helped me to be outgoing and confident which is something that I prayed for a lot. So God really does answer our prayers. Also the Gift of Tongues is so so real. I´ve seen it working so much in me and in my district. My distrcit is my trio and 6 elders who are so so awesome and keep me laughing all the time. But it´s been so amazing to see these missionaries who were struggling so so much the first few days with Spanish and had almost no experience with spanish and now, after 7 days, they are doing so so well. We can all have basic conversations, pray, and testify of the basic doctrines of the gospel in Spanish. And I really have been blessed and remember almost all of the Spanish that I´ve taken in school. Our maestros only speak spanish and i can understand like 90% of what they say, and I´m able to translate for the class and help the other missionaries when they don´t know what a word or phrase means or how to say something. Elder Carter (our district leader) and Hermana Brogan have about as much spanish experience as I do so the three of us are able to make up for whatever the other ones don´t know, if that makes sense. I love missionaries here. There are so great and so helpful.
    Today was Pday so we got to go the the temple! And we had an hour and a half to walk around lima and shop! Everything here is so cheap and Lima is so cool! The elders jsut took us on a tour of everywehrer that they usually go and helped us out. I bought a super cool soccer jersery for like 20 soles and delicious peruvian candy and Coke Zero (not diet coke but still hallelujah) for like 12 soles at some sketchy supermarket.
    There are wayy more elders here then sisters. And a lot of Latino misionaries. Most of the tinos are from Colombia, Peru, or Bolivia and either going to Peru or Bolivia. But there are so nice. During physical activity time everyday we usually play volleyball with the tinos and they are so nice to us and help us with spanish. and we help them with english.
    The food here is so so good! I was way surprised. Breakfast is kinda gross so I usually just eat the rolls and toast. The rolls are TO DIE FOR. Hahaha they call me Hermana Bread. The next time you guys see me I´ll be obese but it´s so worth it. Seriously I eat so many rolls. And for lunch and dinner it´s always rice and some form of meat. It looks gross but tastes pretty good most of the time. And the rule here is that you have to eat all of the food whether you like it or not. Haha what everyone says about the food is [Don´t look at the food, just eat it]. That basically sums it up. and they always have super good dessert. And always delicious juice! So much juice!
    Oh a random rule here is that we aren´t allowed to send pictures while we´re at the CCM, so sorry.
    Hahaha and my maestros are hilarious. The like to make fun of us and can hardly speak English. They always say ¨Qué en el Mundo?!"
    Anyway I´m super happy and I love it here! I´ve never prayed so much in my life, and never seen so many of my prayers answered. And I know that this is exactly where I´m supposed to be and that this experience will bless my life so much. I love you and thank you for all the love and support!
-Hermana Marshall or Hermana Bread (literally what they call me).

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